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Locator in VHF Contest 04th August 2019:  JN46FW

Amateurfunkgeräte und Raritäten aus dem Nachlass von René, HB9AAI:

uska-logos-colorUSKA – Information Programme for Handicapped Radio Amateurs, IPHA

USKA is now also participating in IPHA. Its aims are the gathering and circulation of information about:

a. organisations for disabled radio-amateurs
b. special courses and methods9for preparing disabled people for the examinations required to obtain a radio-amateur license
c. nets organised by handicapped radio-amateurs
d. details about equipment that was designed for use by amateurs with various handicaps.

–> See the flyer here <–

For more Information contact USKA IPHA Coordinator Tom Schmied, HB3YSB

I started with HAM in July 2015 with my Novice license (prev. callsign: HB3YCT).

Begin of December 2015 i made my full CEPT-License and since then im on-air with my actual callsign HB9FXU

So, im quite a newbie 🙂

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